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PDP Replacement HP-1000 Micro-VAX-VMS IBM INTEL SUN Data General Replacement

INTEL 286/386- RMX-IRMX, IBM™ Power-to-X86
SUN™ Solaris/SPARC

Moving software applications from one platform to another is a time-consuming and expensive process due to differences between different operating system (OS) and processor pairs.
The process often bogs down due to difficulties and delays associated with getting existing in-house and commercial applications to run on the new platform.
The need to rewrite applications for the new OS and processor results in a software/hardware dependency that is a major barrier to strategic migration, delays hardware sales, and limits the market availability of software on new platforms The Solution - Hardware virtualization software enabling software transportability between virtually any operating system/processor pair.
No Software changes required.

Hardware virtualization software Offers These Advantages:

  • Full Functionality.
  • Near Native Computational Performance.
  • Complete End-User Transparency.
  • Transparent Graphics and Interactive Performance.
  • Easy Application Management by System Administrators

Available Solution For:

  • Intel™ - RMX/iRMX based application.
  • Intel™ - 286/286/486.
  • SUN™ Solaris/SPARC.
  • IBM™ Power-to-X86.

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